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120915 Cheska’s Fancafe Message

LET*S!!, Hello!!?? @_@;;
It’s Cheska!! There’s a lot I want to say and posts I want to write..
You can bear with it a li~~ttle longer right??~~ >ㅁ< ㅠ
Instead, I’m writing a letter here!,!
oh my gawshhhh black pepper pretzels are really delicious ㅠ
What to do ㅜ It’s delicious in milk too ㅠ Cheetos are delicious too…
Chocolates too, wow ㅋ
I really wanted to thank everyone so much….
The letters written for me too… Really…. has made me touched and become my strength,
Cheska loves LET*S so much ㅜ.ㅜ
Coming to see Fiestar tirelessly is really amazing ㅠㅠ Thank you…
There seem to be people who come from far too… >ㅠ<;;;
Whew… Really… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.~~ Wow!!,!
I wish to show an even cooler image on stage…. So I’m doing many challenges now ㅋㅋㅋ
But… It seems to be harder than I thought!? Hehe.
Because there’s a small part of me which is embarrassed and shy;;
I will continue to work towards showing a cooler image!,
So everyone, take care of your health!! The weather is getting really cold right?!?!?
Do wear warm clothes and be careful of the cold!!!!
Or else… Cheska will really become depressed…. Hmph!
I need to go to dreamland now for tomorrow ㅠ
Thank you so so much LET*S!!!! Chesk-night!!!

[NEWS] Fiestar Cheska-Yezi Rapping Skills Revealed, ‘Steals Tiger JK’s Heart’

Fiestar members Cheska and Yezi showed off their outstanding rapping skills.

On the 23rd, Fiestar revealed members Cheska and Yezi’s rap videos through Loen Music’s official Youtube channel.

Compared to other earlier girl group rappers, a different unique voice and outstanding skills gives them a charm which sets them apart.

In the video, together with a cute introduction phrase of “Dreaming of becoming a gangstar rapper”, Cheska covered hip-hop musician Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” with a unique voice of rapping and bouncing gesture, showing her cheerfulness.

In another video released together, Yezi covered Lil Mama’s featuring in Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”, showing off strong rapping in a semi-low pitched voice and gained attention.

Fiestar’s agency Loen Entertainment revealed, “Fiestar’s debut single includes a featuring by Tiger JK”, and, “When we first invited Tiger JK to feature in Fiestar’s new song, he declined politely. But after watching Yezi’s rap video which was sent, he decided to feature”. 

In other news, the new song which has high expectations from having Tiger JK featuring on it will be revealed on 24th at 12 noon.


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